Event Audio-Visual and Presentation Capture.
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How it works

How Darenet Works

Once installed in your venue, the Darenet system collates the audio, video and graphics signals from each seminar auditorium via a Darenet Node connected to the installed AV equipment.
The signals are assembled, combined and locked into a data stream which is transcoded and recorded in real time.
The Darenet network is controlled and managed from a central location in the venue using the venues existing gigabit network structure or a temporary network we install for the event.

Darenet is a self contained and unobtrusive system which is not hosted on the presentation PC or running as a background application using up resources.
It does not require the administrative effort of collecting PowerPoint presentations in advance or require any significant post production editing.

Darenet is an “inserted” system which integrates at the point of output of the data / video switcher immediately before the projector or display device.

It therefore captures anything displayed on the screen.

Images are assembled Picture Beside Picture (PBP) to allow the composition to fit into a standard 16:9 HD frame although custom aspect ratios can also be created.
Presentation PC’s, Macs, DVD players, visualisers, VTR’s, military and medical graphics devices can all be captured.


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