Event Audio-Visual and Presentation Capture.
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Darenet produces standard computer based video files. Our preference is to encode using H.264 compression for high quality, compatibility and low file size.

Delivery can be as simple as copying to a memory stick for you web admin guys to embed on your website.
Alternatively we can upload and host the content for you on the internet giving your delegates instant global video on demand.

Live Streaming and Video on Demand are scaleable based on the video device and bandwidth available to the viewer so that those viewing on a slower internet connection or a small mobile device can have as seamless a viewing experience as those viewing on a computer with fast internet.

YouTube or “White Label” Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s)

Live Streaming or Video on Demand can be achieved cost effectively via YouTube. Alternatively a “white label” solution can be arranged using a variety of hosting and content delivery options for bespoke video player and website branding to suit your needs.

Hybrid Hosting

A “hybrid” white label solution can combine the cost savings of using YouTube as the Content Delivery Network, with a bespoke website which reflects the session structure of your conference, conference and sponsor branding and is fully searchable on session descriptions, keywords, speaker names and presentation titles.
As well as hosting pre recorded presentation captures, the web site can also act as the online venue for any sessions you wish to stream live

Click below to see an example of a hybrid, white label website. Generic video content is used for demo purposes.


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